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Tencent Games has announced that its battle royale game, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile has crossed 200 million downloads and has achieved over 30 million daily active users. These numbers consist of download and plays on both iOS and Android platforms globally. PUBG has banned over 13 million players since the game’s publisher started sharing ban numbers in June 2017. The numbers have been crunched by Reddit user sjk045, who compiled 69 different posts from developer Bluehole, which released weekly updates on the number of players banned. If we go by sjk405’s chart, PUBG seems to be dealing with a huge number of cheating activities on its platform.

Recently, a total of 30,000 players along with fur professional players were banned in December for using the PUBG radar hack. PUBG has slammed four professional players with three-year bans from the game’s North American esports league, the National PUBG League NPL after they were caught cheating. The teams of those four players — namely Reapers, Totality, Death Row, and Almost — have also been disqualified from the NPL, now a further 12 more players have since been added to this list.

As per a new development, the PUBG radar hack is still being used by many and PUBG Corp. has identified that the above mentioned 12 professional players were caught using the PUBG radar hack during the PUBG European League (PEL).

Out of a total twelve more rulings, six were similarly caught cheating during a professional game, resulting in a three-year ban for “Papaya”, “Cabecao”, “swalker”, “zuppaa”, “Houlow” and “sezk0.” A further four were caught using unauthorised software during public games, but supposedly clear during competitive matches, seeing a smaller two-year suspension for “Avalon”, “Smitty”, “TEXQS”, and “S1D”.

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