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PUBG Mobile, Zombie mode is officially being called ‘Sunset’ and is currently available on the Erangel Map of PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 beta update.

Tencent Games has released a new beta update for its battle royale game dubbed PUBG Mobile 0.11.0. With the release of this beta update, PUBG has announced their collaboration with Resident Evil 2 bringing in its much-awaited Zombies Mode for players to test out.

PUBG Mobile Zombies mode is officially being called ‘Sunset’ and is currently available on the Erangel Map of the beta update. As this is a collaboration between PUBG and Resident Evil 2 all the bosses also appear alongside the other zombies.

Killing a Resident Evil 2 boss provides the players in-game resources that will help them survive during the gameplay.

The update also adds the previously leaked moonlight mode to Vikendi. Additionally, Sanhok gets the Quick Match Arcade Mode along with a few other features from the PC version of the game.

In the PUBG Mobile Sunset mode players have to battle waves of zombies thrown at them, with each wave being larger than the last one.

According to the update patch notes, the game now consists of a Resident Evil 2 main menu theme and music. It also gets the addition of Personal Spaces, where all of the player information along with their current connections are displayed.

There is a new PTT (Push to Talk) method for players to converse with each other during matches like a walkie talkie. The update also brings in PC features like damage stacking and air raid adjustment.

Damage stacking means that the players outside of the safe zone during gameplay receive damage in regards to the distance from the safe zone circle. Whereas, air raid adjustment means that the air raid area reduces in size as the safe zone reduces in size. However, the air raid adjustment feature is currently available in Sanhok and Vikendi.

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